General Terms and Conditions 




Object of the Dubin International Ltd - further: Corporation (address: 20 Cecil Street no. 14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705, Reg.no.: 201230209M) – is to achieve the mission of Longlife System by the establishment of a CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY. Those joining the Longlife System Community – further: Partners – go on a way that leads them to the highest level of conscious life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the Longlife System CME in the world. We reach this by utilizing community models that support the members of the community in reaching wealth, spiritual accomplishment and long and healthy life.

Objective of the present GTC with its inseparable enclosures (all together further GTC) is to define the important conditions of the contract between the Corporation and the Partners, their connection, the business behavior to be followed by the Partners, their rights and obligations, the cases of ceasing the contract.

In the course of their process the Partners have to be in accordance with all regulations of the present GTC as well as with the relevant European Union member state and local statutory provisions. The Corporation informs the Partners that the Corporation may modify the regulations of the GTC within the frames of his own competence any time unilaterally. The Corporation informs the Partners that the successful registration according to the present GTC and the acceptance of the GTC mean at the same time that the Partner agrees that the Corporation may modify the GTC on the basis of the above, unilaterally, in a point of time determined by him. In case of successful registration and acceptance of the GTC the Partner acknowledges that a possible modification of the GTC will be effective upon publication on the official web site of the Corporation (longlifesystem.com)

The Corporation definitely declares that no financial activity will be performed concerning the loyalty program of the CME; the basis of his activity is the sale of club discount cards. The Corporation ensures free access to the motivation programs connected to the loyalty program.

In the course of participating the program no payments, exchange of means/instruments of payment or barter transactions will be executed and are strictly forbidden.

The Corporation dissociates himself from these kind of or similar actions.

We declare according to determinative professional sources that

“The Corporation – within the frames of neither LonglifeSystem CME loyalty program nor any other business structure – is not authorized to issue value papers, especially shares, bounds and share options and to collect and accept financial means from the public.”

Basic principles

Partnership obligations resulting from legal relationship

The Partners are private persons of independent entrepreneurs. The legal relationship between the Corporation and his Partners is considered to be an agency contract. By concluding it no employment contract will be established. The Partner is personally and independently reliable for all social insurance and tax obligations. The Corporation is not obliged or authorized to detract tax or any other fee from the commission (or any other amount duly paid) of the Partner except when it is statutory. The Partner is personally reliable and taking care of the registration to the social insurance and tax register. The Partner has to bear all expenses related to his activity (such as travel, meal, office etc.) himself and takes the risks related to his business activity.

Announcement of violation of the GTC

Should the Partner experience that any other Partner would violate the regulations of the GTC he is obliged to indicate this to the Corporation in a verifiable way (indicating the violation and the person). Any behavior opposite to the regulations of the GTC may endanger the goodwill of the Corporation and also the work and financial development of the Partners.

To maintain the local regulations

In the course of his activity the Partner is obliged to keep the local legal regulations.

Capacity to act and law-abiding

Partner of the Corporation can only be persons who completed the age of 18 and are of legal age, or companies registered by the competent court without any limitation of divestiture or procurement or need for administrative or any third person permission for its announcements.

Establishing a Partner status

A Partner status will be established by concluding the contract with the Corporation. To do so a registration is necessary. Entering the system of the Corporation is exclusively possible with the support of an already registered Partner (Community member), the so called sponsor, using his registration code (ID number). Each and every Partner (Community member) has an identification number, the so called “Longlife ID”. To set up the contract the potential Partner (candidate) has to fill in the so called Registration Form on the web site of the Corporation. When submitting the Registration Form the Partner acknowledges that he got acquainted with and accepted the GTC (and its enclosures) of the Corporation as published on the web site. Further he agrees that the Corporation may modify the GTC and other regulations at a point in time defined by him. Should the Corporation confirm the registration of the Partner executed on-line by the completed Registration Form the contract becomes concluded. In order the contract takes effect the Partner has to fulfill his purchasing obligation required by the COMPASS. The Corporation reserves the right to refuse any registration request without assigning any reason. The contract will be concluded between the Parties for an indefinite period of time.

The Corporation calls the attention that the candidate (potential partner) may only indicate valid data. Should the candidate give false data on the registration form and later this comes to the Corporation’s notice the Corporation gets entitled to delete the position (and with this the registration) of the Partner. This will automatically terminate the contract – when no other announcement is available.

Active Product Card (APC), Business Product Card (BPC), Longlife Product Card

The Corporation informs the Partner that according to the “COMPASS” the purchase of the Active Product Card and the Business Product Card necessary to get the commissions accounted and paid out is possible upon the information indicated on the web site longlifestore.com.

By the discount cards  that can be purchased on the site longlifesystem.com the Corporation renders possible the access to the offers and substantial discounts of the web stores and servicing surfaces of his contracted partners etc. , besides the club membership and the membership services.

Obligations and rights of the contracting Parties

The Corporation undertakes the obligation to continuously inform the Partner via the web site longlifesystem.com on the relevant regulations, the important information on the activity and services of the Corporation and on the experiences supporting the activity.

The Corporation undertakes the obligation to pay the commission to the Partner according to the “COMPASS” the inseparable part of the GTC to the conditions, mode and timing as defined – in case of the conditions regarding the Partner and the other conditions indicated therein are fulfilled. The Corporation informs the Partner that in case of commission payment by transfer the banking costs have to be taken by the Partner. This Corporation is entitled to deduct this amount from the commission. Condition of the transfer of the commission is to submit the resp. demand via Help Desk and to indicate the necessary data. The Partner takes notice that the transfer will take some 10 days.

The Partner undertakes the obligation to handle the known data of the Corporation, the candidates and the sponsored Partners according to the legal data protection regulations during the term of the contract and thereafter. The Partner may not deliver the data base and the data handled by him to any third person – without the written approval of the persons concerned - neither during the term of the contract nor thereafter.

The Partner is obligated to keep up the good reputation of the Corporation.

The contracting Parties codify that the Partner is not entitled to make any legal announcement in the name of the Corporation neither under the affect of the contract nor thereafter.

The Partner has to care himself to proceed in his activity according to the actual legal regulations.

The Partner who intends to recommend the Longlife System is obligated to participate in the education and motivation trainings organized by the Corporation, with regard to the condition that the transfer of the information has to take place in a way specified by the Corporation.

The Partner is entitled to commission according to those specified in the “COMPASS” enclosed to the present GTC. The Partner is entitled to sponsoring activity according to those included in the “COMPASS”.

The Partner is liable to inform the Corporation on any changes in his data and availability within 2 days at the latest upon the change in a proven way. The Partner acknowledges that the Corporation is not liable for any damages arising from incorrect and deficient data presented by the Partner.

Data protection

When handling the data of the Partner the Corporation proceeds according to the regulations of the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest as well as to those on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services.

The data given to the Corporation by the Partner (to the Partner) in the course of the registration or the utilization of the services will be handled and stored exclusively in order to fulfill and ensure the conditions of the concluded contract.

The Corporation handles the data - made available for him by the Partner for any reason else than above specified, e.g. electronic advertising, sending newsletters – exclusively by indicating the aim of handling the data and with the previous and aim specific agreement of the data handling partner.

The Corporation supplies the data of the Partner only for necessary reason and to necessary extent to a third party who is acting in cooperation with him in the course of the fulfillment of the contract and with the Partner’s agreement by accepting the GTC.

The contracting Partner accepts that his name, phone no. and e-mail address will be also part of the database of the subcontractor for education of Longlife System – the Longlife Education - , and Longlife Education may call on him by one of these contgacts with education and promotion material.

The Corporation protects the data given by the Partner with appropriate software and hardware tools especially against unjust access, change, forwarding, publishing, deleting or accidental injury and destruction.

Measures taken by the Corporation in case of illicit or contract violating business behaviors of the Partner

Should the Partner violate the regulations of the GTC, namely he does not act according to the contract or his behavior is illicit or not according to those included in the Ethical Code the Corporation is entitled to take the following measures towards the Partner on the basis of his unilateral decision:

The contracting Parties codify that should the contract with the Partner be suspended upon decision of the Corporation, the Partner is not entitled to continue his business activity during the period of suspension. Meanwhile the Corporation is entitled to withhold (for maximum 30 days) the commission of the Partner which has not been paid out till the date of the suspension of the present contract.

Should the Corporation terminate the contract because of the illicit and contract violating behavior, the Corporation is entitled to withhold the commissions of the Partner for the period the behavior of the Partner is examined. In case the Corporation or a third party is damaged because of the Partners’ illicit or contract violating behavior, the Partner is not entitled to the commissions due to him for the period of the examination until the effectual judgement is passed by the court on the amount of damages caused. The Corporation is entitled to claim for the reimbursement of the damages and cost in legal and/or official proceedings.

The contracting parties announce that for their legal relation they order to apply the culpability base liability.


In case of vis major the Corporation does not take the liability for any delays or default of fulfillment. Vis majors are circumstances when the liabilities of the Corporation cannot be fulfilled or are made more difficult, such as strikes, other (collective) labor disputes, uprisings, wars, fire and death, limitation of purchase sources of any party or changes in legal regulations.


The waiver of the Corporation in case of a breach of contract by the Partner should not be interpreted like waiving of any material or immaterial demand in connection to the breach of any other contract by the Partner or any other partner breaching the same contract.

Neither should the waiver be interpreted like the Corporation would make an exception in the future respective to the application of the injured contracted regulation and - on the basis of the concerned rule - to the contracted obligations of the Partners.

Should the Corporation not take the opportunity to enforce his demand arising from injury of the contract by the Partner, or should he do it delayed, this attitude cannot be considered as the Corporation would in the future pass over the application of the injured rules of the contract and over the contractual obligation of the Partners regarding the concerned rules.

Limitation of liability

The Partner expresses that he is aware of the fact that the Corporation – his successors, their members and executive officers and employees, private persons or enterprises (meaning any kind of profit oriented or nonprofit personal associations) being in contracted legal relationship with the Corporation or his successor - holds neither contractual nor non contractual responsibility for the indirect, direct, consequential, secondary damages of the Partner, for his lost profit or any other losses, arising from the reasons as listed below:

Clerical error

The Corporation cannot be held responsible for mistakes and clerical errors on his official website in spite of which the correct interpretation is possible.


Should the Partner has any claim or demand in connection to the commission or fulfillment of obligations taken by the Corporation, it has to be submitted to the Corporation in writing within 7 days but not later than 45 days after the occurrence of the circumstances that are basis of the claim or demand. The Corporation is taking responsibility only for the commissions or Partner demands that are reported to the Corporation by the Partner in due time and as described above. Exceptions are cases which originate in the intentional or gross negligence of the Corporation.

Termination of legal relationship

The contract terminates by/upon:

The contracting Parties codify that the Partner is entitled to notice the present contract with no cause with immediate effect. He has to submit the notice in a written form and send it to the Corporation by the Help Desk.

The contracting Parties codify that the Corporation is entitled to notice the contract with immediate effect, in case the Partner injures his obligations according to the present GTC and to the regulations of its enclosures as well as in case of business practices of the Partner upon which the maintenance of the legal relationship cannot be expected from the Corporation. Such business practices are e.g. to discredit the Corporation, to give a negative classification on the products of the Corporation, to give inaccurate or mistaken information on the operation of the Corporation, to injure the regulations of data protection, to use the name and logo of the Corporation without authorization, to operate against respective legal order, cessation or restriction of legal capacity, misuse concerning business activity (vide Ethical Code ), injury of restrictive market practices etc. The contracting Parties codify that the Corporation is bound to put in writing his notice as in the current section, to codify the cause and to send it to the disposable e-mail address of the Partner.

In case of termination of the contract the contracting Parties are bound to settle accounts within 30 days after termination. The Partner is entitled to commission until the day of termination. The commission due to the Partner will be paid by the Corporation within 8 days to the Partner. The contracting Partners codify that the settlement of the accounting according to the present section is not eliminating the enforcement of the demand of the Corporation towards Partner for a possible back payment or compensation.

Should the contract terminate because of death of the Partner (in case of legal entity termination with legal successor), the Corporation will pay the Partners’ commission due till the date of termination to the Partners’ successor, within 30 days from date of delivery of the final certificate of inheritance or the final decision on succession.

Should the Partners’ heir or successor as certified above intend to continue the activity of the deceased, or the discontinued company of the Partner, he can do it without losing the position of the deceased Partner. This intention of the heir or successor has to be reported to the Corporation within 15 days time of lapse from date of delivery of the effective certificate of inheritance or the order of succession. Should the heir or successor send or submit his letter of intention in writing as described in the present section to the Corporation, the Corporation will transcribe the respective position to the name of the heir or successor. The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the contract in case of the reason as defined below by immediate effect with his unilateral written announcement: the legal successor fulfils executive position at a competing enterprise.

Should the successor or heir not fulfill his obligation regarding documentation (certification) and reporting on time, the Corporation is entitled to terminate the contract by immediate effect.

Should the contract terminate because of the Partners’ cessation without successor the Corporation will pay the commission due till the date the order on cessation enters into legal effect to the persons entitled thereto according to the respective provisions of law.

The contracting parties codify that to the marketing (sale) of the partners’ position the previous permission of the Corporation is necessary. The Partner acknowledges that the permission is subject to the unilateral decision of the Corporation and must not be reasoned. The contracting parties codify that the Partners’ intention to sell the position, the data of the purchasing partner and the introduction of the will be partner has to be submitted in writing on the respective form to be downloaded from the website to the Corporation via the Help Desk of the Corporation. The Corporation takes the obligation to send a written notice on the permission or non permission of the request to the Partner within 30 days after the respective notification by the Partner. Should the Corporation deny the permission, the present contract between the Corporation and the Partner stays in force. Should the Corporation give the permission, the receiving partner takes the place of the assigner. The receiving partner has to fulfill the obligations of the assigner and accepts the regulations being effective at the Corporation to be bound by.

Costs of transcribing or selling the position have to be taken by the Partner delivering the position.


The contracting parties codify that the Partner is entitled to enforce his claims towards Corporation within a forfeiture deadline of 60 days


The contracting parties codify that should any regulation of the contract between them prove to be invalid or not enforceable, the invalid or not enforceable regulations should be handled separately from the rest of the contract such as these regulations have never had been part of the contract. Like this, such invalidity or non-enforceability should not affect the validity and enforceability of the other regulations.

Prohibitions, limitations

The Partner is not entitled to practice any individual marketing activity he may not make announcements neither in the media nor on any platform in the name of the Corporation or about the Corporation.

The Partner is not entitled to share any information material or presentation on public video sharing pages without the prior written agreement of the Corporation

Cross lining: the Partner is not allowed to exchange business information with any Partner on another leg of the binary system.

The Partner may buy a position exclusively under his own position level.

It is not allowed to offer a position for sale on public pages, on the pages of the Corporation, in the form of advertisings or in any other public way. Should this happen the Corporation will delete the position of the Partner.

Only a position with an activity in the previous 6 months may be offered for sale (including the actual month). Should the resp. position not dispose of the relevant activity however there is an option to pay for the failed activity and the position gets sellable

Change sponsor: if the Partner intends to register under a sponsor being situated not on his own sponsor line, he is entitled to do so after 6 months without any activity in the Corporation. After the 6 months he has the possibility to make a new registration, exclusively by himself: he is not allowed to take his already built structure to his chosen sponsor.

Miscellaneous, closing regulations

The Partners’ entering the web page assumes that he disposes of the technical and legal information on the electronic commerce activities. The Corporation does not take the responsibility for mistakes arise from the lack of such knowledge, as well as from the defect of the electronic products or from mistakes due to the informatics or telecommunication – e.g. internet servicing – company. The Partner is liable for the protection of the data stored on his pc.

For the legal contact between the Partner and Corporation exclusively the legal regulations of the Hungarian Republic prevail. The parties are bound to solve their eventual legal disputes primarily by consultation.

On the basis of the present GTC, in the event of a legal dispute arising from their rights or obligations, Parties appoint the exclusive competence of the Pest Central District Court or the Municipal Court of Budapest

With respect to matters not regulated in the present GTC, the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and other relevant legal regulations shall apply